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Welcome to the ClientLine Newsletter archives!

July 2019
Time For A Tax Tune-Up

June 2019
5 Reasons Why Estate Planning Matters

May 2019
Retirement – Things To Think About
Advice from the Master

April 2019
IRS Audits – Avoid This!
Last -Minute Tax Breaks

March 2019
A Taxing Situation
Selling Your Home

February 2019
Lighten Your Tax Load and Save More
Know Your Benefits Limits

January 2019
Are You Prepared For Tax Season?
When Fixed Annuities Make Sense

December 2018
Year-End Tax Planning Ideas
Nearing retirement?

November 2018
All in the Family
A Flexible Line of Credit
All in the Family

November 2018
Want To Strengthen Your Business?
Rhode Island Commerce Corporation connects you with business opportunities to build relationships and find resources.

October 2018
Tax Harvesting
How Long Should I Keep Records?
A Balanced Approach to Retirement

September 2018
Pay Healthcare Costs With Pre-Tax Dollars
2019 High Deductible Health Plan Limits
How To Draw Retirement Income

August 2018
Raise Capital For Business
Workplace Benefits
Dual Benefits

June 2018
College with Little Savings
Appreciating Employee Benefits

May 2018
More About The New Tax Changes

April 2018
Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts of 2017 Downloadable PDF

March 2018
Last-Minute Tax Tips
Valuing Your Business

February 2018
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

December 2017
Prepare for Impact
Five Last-Minute Deductions
Another Way to Use Your IRA

November 2017
Dealing with Tax Uncertainty
Employee Benefits Matter More Now
Small Business Owners With Kids In College